One Night Stand Movie Review

One Night Stand Movie Review

One Night Stand Movie Review
  • Rating:
  • Director:
    Jasmine Moses D'souza
  • Cast:
    Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani, Nyra Banerjee
  • Banner:
    Swiss Entertainment
  • Producer:
    Pradeep Sharmam, Furquan Khan
  • Music:
    Jeet Gannguli, Meet Bros
  • Release Dt :
    May, 06 2016


One Night Stand is the story of Urvil (Tanuj Virwani) who owns an event management company and he accidentally meets Celina (Sunny Leone). Urvil and Celina enjoy a night with drinks and after excessive consumption of alchol they share the bed that night. Celina gives Urvil a miss the very next morning leaving him clueless. Urvil goes out to normal till he spots Celina again after which he turns desperate for her. The rest of the movie is if Urvil manages to stay with his wife Simran (Nyra Banerjee) or opt out for Celina. Watch One Night Stand One Night Stand to know about the rest of the story.


One Night Stand Movie Review

The first half of One Night Stand has been decent with many interesting moments throughout. The movie has been filled with fresh romantic episodes and the love making scenes have been shot well. The songs have been decent and placed well. The interval brings a decent impact on the audience and the complete first half makes the film decent.

With most of the plot narrated during the first half of the movie, the makers have been left with nothing much to showcase and so the rest of the movie has been dragged too much. The climax of the movie has been simple and predictable completely. The second half of One Night Stand is a huge disappointment which makes the film fall flat.


Sunny Leone comes out with an outstanding performance once again with One Night Stand. She has been glamorous and seductive throughout the movie. Tanuj Virwani has been decent and he performed well in the emotional episodes throughout the movie. All the other actors have been exceptional in their engagements.

The story of One Night Stand has nothing much new to reveal and is known for everyone. The screenplay and the dialogues are the major reasons for the film’s downfall. The music and the background score have been decent and so is the cinematography. The production values have been lavish and the director fails to keep the audience engaging throughout the second half.

Final Word

One Night Stand falls flat because of a nothing interesting plot and predictable, outdated narration throughout.

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